Start your business in Germany

Startup-Events supports founders in starting their own business.


That’s why we offer regular events where we inform and advise about the basics of starting a business in Germany. Through our events you also get unique opportunities to exchange and network with professionals and founders

Online-event: "Start your Business in Germany"

What it is

For our start-up event „Start your business in Germany“, we have invited several experts from different areas of business consulting, who will be happy to be at your disposal as contact persons.

 Participation in the online event „Start your Business in Germany“ is completely free of charge.


What you will learn

You will receive an initial overview of the following
topics, which are important for you when establishing a company in Germany.

  Legal forms in Germany

  • Founding across borders
  • Business expansion from abroad
  •  Using funding programs in Germany
  • Funders and crowdfunding
  • Marketing opportunities in Germany
  • and much more








Save the date

When and where


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and afterwards

Contact us or one of our speakers for more information.

 If you have any questions on specific topics, you can then get in touch with our consultants and speakers directly or take part in more in-depth online meetings.


 Many of the online meetings are completely free of charge for you.


Talk with us for further information