Your contact Person

Your contact person

We work with renowned experts and consultants from various specialist areas to support you in setting up your Company in Germany.

A part of our seminars and online events, you have the opportunity to access our network of experts and consultants and receive targeted help with your concerns about successfully setting up a company in Germany.

Your Expert

Alicia Aswani - Insurance expert and financial advisor

Alisia Aswani

„I was a time lost in this country with respect how to be financially wise.

regulation is complex and extensive, so I decided to become a professional
Financial and Insurance Planner in Germany and help people facing the same problems I
faced when moving to Germany“


Alicia Aswani is your contact in the field of general insurance.

Despite her lateral entry into financial consulting, she decided to use her own experience as an expat to support others in the insurance sector.

It is important to her that expats in Germany receive special financial advice.That is why she offers her customers an open ear, indivdual support and help as a financial advisor.






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